Apollonius of Perga (c. 262 BC - c. 190 BC) was a Greek astronomer and geometer best known for his treatise on conic sections. I became inspired by his mathematical proofs on conics (especially the diagrams), visually rotating them in space to reflect a relationship with the squared circle from sacred geometry. I then chose to transcribe those relationships into a square format which forced the solving of compositional issues created within the square and tondo formats simultaneously. I reacquainted myself with Rudolf Arnheim's "The Power of the Center, A Study of Composition in the Visual Arts," University of California Press, 1983. Arnheim's ability to communicate visual principles has had a profound impact on my development and I continue to refer back to his writings as I create new puzzles to solve in paint. Normally I wouldn't include preparatory work, but this is a thread in my process which continues to influence my thoughts. I am including here a few small watercolor paintings which began the "Locus Series" that first appeared in the Sum and Substance body of work. The process of "getting to know" my imagery usually begins with playful small format "sketches" usually in water-based or dry media while I familiarize myself with the elements of the design. Click on the image below to see the first watercolors and the Locus Series finished pieces in tandem.