Polar Perspectives, 2014, oil on panel (diptych), 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches each

I believe painting becomes art when it transcends the physical, striking a resonant chord within your heart. To be ever seeking and ever finding the truest expression of that which is beyond the self is where authentic communication happens. Art requires a human connection. Whether with one person or many, it is created for that purpose, always ready to be received. When we resonate with a work of art our soul is reflected by it and our life force is stirred.

For the past eleven years I've been plotting star patterns of the night sky and finding ways of combining them according to well-known constellations from antiquity. Each piece becomes a new puzzle to solve for color, balance, harmony and storytelling. Until the painting begins to breathe on its own, I search out meaningful relationships within the patterns and allow each painting's voice to emerge. The constancy of the stars, which is beyond our human reach, provides the framework echoing that intangible sense of connection we discover in the presence of real art.